Our Standards

Our Standards

We have professional standards. When we clean a window, we clean it properly. Window King does not cut corners. We believe that the screen, frame and sill are part of the window. That being said, we will clean and wipe down every part of your windows. If there are mineral deposits on your windows, we will let you know, and can demonstrate the process for removal of them. (Naturally, mineral deposit removal is extra, since extra work is involved.) Our window technicians are trained in health and safety issues and have years of experience in doing residential, commercial, and high rise windows. We maintain high standards in quality control and service.

Conduct Business with Integrity

We respect the property of our customers and adhere to safety procedures. We use cleaning products that are environmentally safe.

Provide Superior Quality Service

We do not take advantage of customers. We clean a window properly and do not cut corners. We admit when we’ve made a mistake and correct it. Most window cleaning companies add costs to cleaning the sills and tracks. We do not!

Honor God in our Service

We strive to honor God in our service to customers.
We are a member of the International Window Cleaners Association and the Better Business Bureau and maintain high standards in our service to our customers. We believe in regular communication with our customers to ensure that each window cleaning is done to the customer’s complete satisfaction. You will find our approach refreshing, as we treat you with the utmost sincerity and respect in our professional service to you, our