We have: Superior Window Cleaning Service

We guarantee satisfaction with the job we perform. We are dependable and professional in our appearance.   We establish regular follow up communication with you so that you never need to wonder what is going on regarding your property or home.  While working on the site, we observe the building or home and report any areas that might need attention to you.  We use only OSHA approved methods and standards in our safety procedures.  Our window techs are efficient, and do the job with the least amount of interference to our customers as possible.  They are courteous and polite.

We have: Superior Window Cleaning Products

We have worked with several companies to produce our own line of cleaning products. Window King’s window cleaning solution is designed with agents that not only clean the pores of the glass thoroughly, but also leave your glass looking like a mirror.  One look at the windows keeps our customers smiling.  Our products are safe and biodegradable.